Thursday, June 9, 2011

Latest Finished Project

I can't believe it!!  I'm back already with a finished project.  I haven't given this one yet, but decided that it was safe to "put it out there"!
This is my "go to" bag pattern when I need a gift in a hurry.  I can usually have it done in about 3 days. The prep seems to take longer than actual sewing!  Isn't that always the case.

The pattern is called "Bethany's Bag" from Sweet Treasures.  This tote measures 13" x 17" x 5".

 I found this fabric online and fell in love with it.  I hope the "graduate" that I am giving it to, feels the same way!!  She is a bright, bubbly person, so I think it is a good match.

Front and back are different looks since the fabric was a large scale print. 

I pre-quilted my sections with invisible thread.  I wanted it to be "loose" like the fabric, so I intentionally didn't follow some of the lines.

I love this zippered pocket in the inside.  It connects to each side of the bag, and goes all the way to the bottom of the bag, but doesn't connect.  And the side pockets are HUGE!!!!
 This makes a good "book" bag, overnight bag, carry all bag or if you like a REALLY BIG purse, this is the bag for you!!!
 My little tag.  If you haven't seen these yet, be sure to check out this site  for the tute!

In case you're wondering, I "scratched" out my name in Photoshop!  I'm learning something new everyday.  NOW I just have to retain what I learn!!

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Sew til next time...........

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marylouweidman said...

I think this bag is the most beautiful bag ever! Who knew that that fabric would be so perfect for a bag that looks designer and so fabulous-I bought that fabric to cut up for flower centers. YOU have great style and I love your blog!