Monday, April 14, 2014

4th Selvedge Quilt

Well, I have come to the conclusion that I will never use all of the selvedges that I have saved for the last 15+ years!!  BUT, I'm gonna try!  LOL!  When I bring quilting fabric home (or it arrives UPS!) I wash it, dry it, strip the selvedges, iron it and store it by color family. That process has worked for me for a long time!
This is what I am starting with for this project......
.... And I got them from here!  And this isn't even in my sewing room!
I am going to make another Star quilt, but this one will be totally scrappy stars. They will be 6" finished blocks sewn with telephone book pages. If you have never used these, you MUST give it a try. It tears away so easily leaving no tiny pieces to pick out. Just remember to use a short stitch length. 
Here are some of the darks I have in my stash......

I'm liking it already!

I have all of the 144 blocks done. All the rows are sewn and now to press all the seams open, then I will sew the rows together. 
By the time we move I will have lots of quilt tops to quilt when we get settled in!
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Just wanted to show most of the finished top! The first row of stars is hanging on the other side of the stairway banister! I will take a better pic when it's not so windy outside.

And here it is using the Waterlogue app. I love this app!