Sunday, April 3, 2011


But you know how that goes.  You see something on the internet that catches your eye and you just can't resist!  Or is it just ME that does that?  (I think not!)  ANYWAY, I have been eyeing THIS and can no longer resist.  It looks like such a fun project.
 I ordered all the Kona solids that I needed last night from Ginger's.  And I got FREE shipping!  Love that part.  Actually, I refuse to buy anything online unless I get free shipping!

I am still working on the Graduation quilts (4)  and will start quilting those when we come back from the Lake.  I am bringing a couple of other projects to work on while I am just sitting there looking at the wonderful scenery.  Can't wait.

I promise to have lots of pics next time.

Sew till next time...............