Tuesday, April 24, 2012

More Pics of Emma's Quilt!

I wanted to show how I always "give" a quilt.  I fold it up and make sure the label is visible.  Then I take grosgrain ribbon and wrap it like a package.

 I added a pink and brown bunny and the wooden things you see is the "quilt hanger" that I gave with the quilt.

 When unwrapping the quilt the label is the first thing they can read before "opening" the quilt!  This is the first time that I made a corner label and I love it!  So much easier to sew on.
And voila, here's the finished quilt all ready for baby and parents to enjoy!!!  I loved making this one!  My quilting isn't the greatest because I did it all free motion, but I did get better as I went along!

Sew til next time.......

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Newest Quilt......

......for the newest and CUTEST member of our family!!  And I don't have a good clear picture of her, so her proud parents will have to do for now.  I spent a short time with them while in TX last week and I  cherish each and every moment of my visit and can't wait to see them again in July!  Congrats you guys!