Saturday, April 23, 2016

A Little More Orange

Well, it was a week filled with everything except too little sewing! We are going on a 2 week road trip to Estes Park, CO, so most of my week was taken up with getting ready for that adventure! We were there last year for the Fourth of July and have been looking forward to going back since then! I can't wait to see all the snow on the mountains! It will be a big change going from 80 degrees to the 30`s and 40's!!

I did manage to get my 5 "That 30's Thing" blocks done. I really like how these turned out.

I will not have a chance to make my Flower blocks for this month, but hope to get back on track in May. It's really to early in the year to start falling behind!!

I'm off to see what others have done this week. Stop by SoScrappy and take a look.

..............Sew till next time............


Saturday, April 16, 2016

I'm Rollin' Out the Orange Blocks

It wasn't all Orange blocks for the RSC this week, BUT that's the only pictures I can share for now. Let's just say that I am making great progress on the 'mystery' quilt I am working on. I hope to have all the quilting done by the end of the weekend.

Now for the RSC (Rainbow Scrap Challenge) blocks. I made 10 Centennial Stars. I am still using the 5 1/8” strips that I cut from fat quarters for the Pinwheel Blocks. I should be able to use the rest up for the Flower Blocks that I will make next week.

These 12 String Blocks have a lot more variety of orange, since I am using my Orange Selvedge bin for these. Yes, every color has it's own bin or 2 or 3 bins! I think I say it every week, but I love sewing with selvedges. It is such mindless sewing. That works out great, since I try to pay attention to the audio book I am listening to when I sew!!!

I haven't decided how I will use these yet. I may cut them on the diagonal and make neutral blocks to go with them. I plan on drawing something up on EQ7 later on in the year. For now, I will just make 12 each month and see where that takes me!

I'm heading over to SoScrappy to see what others have made with their oranges scraps. If you need to use up your scraps, join in on the fun! Just pick your own blocks and Angela picks the color each month. Then show off what you have made each week and hopefully by the end of the year, you will have your very own RAINBOW SCRAP CHALLENGE (RSC) quilt!! It's that easy!

..............Sew till next time...........


Saturday, April 9, 2016

A little ORANGE sewing this week

I haven't even looked at my orange bin filled with selvedges. To get my orange blocks made this week, I just cut 5 1/8" strips from my fat quarters. I will be able to make half of my blocks from these strips. The rest of my blocks are made with selvedges and narrow strips.

My first blocks this week were Jacobs Ladder. These blocks will be very scrappy 4 patches, constant neutral background and the RSC color of the month. I really like how these look so far! I started these last month, so I still have to make my browns and blues.


Next up was the Pinwheel blocks.

I even have a flimsy to show!! I started these Rainbow Twist blocks for the RSC 2016, but had to put them on the fast track and get them into a quilt ASAP!! I only needed 20 blocks. Woohoo!! So they are now a top and I will get it sandwiched next week and start quilting!! It will raffled off next year at Mountain View M. S. in Beaverton, Oregon. This pic was taken before I sewed the blocks! It is already pretty big, so I will not add borders.


I did get another top finished, but I will not be sharing any info or pics until AFTER it is gifted!! Sorry for the tease.

Hope you check out SoScrappy for more Orange RSC projects in the works!


...............Sew till next time...................


Saturday, April 2, 2016

New Month, New Color!!

Drumroll, please....................................................

The new color for April's RSC (Rainbow Scrap Challenge) is ORANGE!! I love orange, so this should be fun!

But first I have my last purple blocks to show you. And yes, I have added another block to my list! BUT I have already finished all of my Rainbow Twist blocks! I will lay all the blocks out next week and start putting it together. I need to have this one quilted and binded by the summer!

Here are the last 4 blocks I made. I wasn't sure about the blacks, but I think they ended up being my favorite!

Now the new blocks I have added to my list is Jacob's Ladder. Someone (sorry, I can't remember who) is also making these blocks with this same color way. I fell in love with the scrappiness of it all. I already had a ton of 4 patches made, from doing leaders and enders. I will be using a "constant" white with grey dots and the RSC color of the month to make the half square triangles. I will be making 5 of these blocks every month. I will need to backtrack and make Jan. blues and Feb. browns to catch up.

Here are my purple blocks. It has been a fun month filled with lots of purple blocks, but I am looking forward to digging into the orange bins!

I am linking to SoScrappy. Can't wait to see what others have made this past week!

...............Sew till next time.................