Saturday, March 26, 2016

Purples Are Coming To An End

Well, it is close to the end of March and almost time to hang up the purple scraps again till next year! I barely made a dent in my bins ( I think I have said that for every color so far this year!!).

But it has been a fun month full of purple scraps with touches of yellow. If you haven't jumped in and joined the Rainbow Scrap Challenge (RSC 2016), what are you waiting for? I have to admit, I was on the fence for 3 years and finally joined this year. I wish I would have done it sooner, but it's never to late to get in on the action. Angela at SoScrappy picks out the colors for the month and we pick out the blocks we want to make. It couldn't be easier! So, after you read my post, hop on over and check out all the other purple blocks that were made this week.

First off, here are the 13 Centennial blocks I made last week. I got carried away when I cut these out. I cut enough to make 18 blocks, but stopped myself at 13 because I only need 10 each month! I love these little gems!

I made 4 "That Thirties Thing" blocks using my Selvedge bin. No dent was made during this process! LOL!!


Today I made my 2 Flower Blocks. I still have to appliqué the flowers and that should be finished next week. I am happy to say I have made all of the blocks I needed to make this month for this challenge. Woohoo!

I also made 2 more "microwave bowl Potholders" that I can't show till next week and these 2 cute Mickey Mouse earbud holders! It is for my grand niece's 4th birthday. She will be making her first trip to Disney World this summer and I thought this would make a cute little money holder, or to hold her treasures! I can't wait to give it to her! I couldn't decide what color to make, so she will be getting one of each!


I hope everyone has a safe and blessed Easter weekend.

..........Sew till next time............


Saturday, March 19, 2016

National Quilting Day



It's a little blustery outside today so I hope to find a few minutes to spend in the studio. Hope all the quilters out there have a great and productive "quilting day".

....Sew till next time......


ScrapHappy Saturday

My week didn't work out as I had planned it. But I can't complain, because this is the first time all year that I was "off schedule".

I had to take my brother to the ER on Tuesday. He had been having bronchitis for 4 wks and had seen a Dr. every week but never got better. On Tuesday he wasn't able to walk 5 steps without being out of breath. He ended up in the hospital till Thursday and will have to have test done to see if he has COPD.

Then we had a weather change on Thursday and I ended up with a migraine! Feeling much better now, but will have to miss my grand neice's 4th birthday party. (Insert frowny face here)

BUT, I did get 8 of my 10 Centennial blocks finished before Tuesday. I just didn't get a chance to get pics yet! I am hoping to get into the studio today for some quilty therapy!!

Hope you all had a better week than I did. Can't wait to see all your purple goodness. I'm going over now to SoScrappy to check it all out.

..........Sew till next time.........


Saturday, March 12, 2016

More Purple This Week

Well, to start off, my jury duty was all of 60 minutes! Didn't get picked, so I was released and I went home and sewed for the rest of the day. I was glad I didn't have to go back because the weather turned out really nasty. We ended up losing electricity for 6 hrs on Wednesday. I was by myself, so it was really boring. It was too dark to do any kind of handwork, so I felt it was a wasted 6 hrs. But I did make a little progress on my Rainbow Scrap Challenge (RSC) blocks this week.

I made my 12 Scrappy Strings for the month. Love all the purples! And I am so happy to be making at least a small dent in my strings!

Next I worked on more Rainbow Twist. Need to get these all done, so I can put this quilt together by the summer!! So here are my orange blocks, one in brights and one in burnt orange.

And here are the yellows. One is golden and the other in brights.

I also made 2 Potholders, but didn't take a pic yet.

I am posting this at SoScrappy. Can't wait to see all the other Purple blocks that have been made this week!

............Sew till next time...........


Saturday, March 5, 2016

It's Time for Purple!!

The RSC color for February is PURPLE with a touch of yellow! Fun, fun, fun! I got busy as soon as Angela at SoScrappy put the word out!

Here are my 3 Purple Rainbow Twist for the month. These are such easy strip blocks to piece.

Did you see the LSU fabric? Here's a closeup!

Then I worked on my Pinwheel blocks. All 6 are made for the month. You'll find more LSU fabric in these! I don't actually use scraps in these. I raid my fat quarters!! I cut a 5 1/8" strip from a fat quarter and can get all the pieces I need from that strip.

I love when I can get the seams to rotate like this. Everything just lays flatter!

I did more sewing this week because I had to put the Rainbow Twist blocks on the "fast track". This will be a raffle quilt for Mountain View M. S.,where my daughter teaches. She will need it by November, but instead of mailing it, I want to hand deliver it to her when we drive to Portland this summer. No pressure here!! These blocks are 16" and I need 20 for the quilt I have planned. So I just looked at the colors Angela used in last years challenge and went to work. So besides the 3 purple I made, I also got 2 Red blocks finished.

And 2 pink blocks!

And I also made 2 'Microwave Bowl Potholders'. OMG!! These are great! I have some favorite bowls that I insist on putting in the microwave and they get super H-O-T. So with these Potholders, the problem is solved and my fingers are saved!!

Just remember, if you make these, you have to use 100% cotton fabric, 100% cotton batting and 100% cotton thread.

And I also made one more Car Trash Bag, but haven't taken the pic yet.

So needless to say I had another great week in the studio. But next week I start my Monday off with jury duty! I'm looking forward to it, just don't know if it will turn out to be one day or five! It's my first time serving in Texas, and we just moved here a year ago!!!

I had fun playing with purple this week. Hop on over to SoScrappy and take a look at what others have made this week. Should be fun!

...........Sew till next time...........