Saturday, June 25, 2016

Teal is Coming to an End

I actually made a big dent in my TEAL Selvedge bin! There wasn't much in it before, now it is really bare! But, that's a good thing, right? RIGHT!!

I used the Selvedge bin for these 5 "That Thirties Thing" blocks.

And then I dug in the bin again to make these 12 String Blocks. I didn't think I had enough variety, but I think they came out just fine. I felt like I was using the same fabrics over and over and over again! It kinda got boring!!

I haven't started on my Flower Blocks yet and they might not get made this month. And next month I will really fall behind since I will be away from my sewing studio for 3 weeks!! I will catch up later!!

I also wanted to make something with these 2 fabrics.

And this is what I made.

It is the Runaround Bag from Lazy Girl Designs. It is my go to pattern for small bags. I have added the 'boxed' bottom and divided inside pocket. It does have the outside pocket which holds my cellphone. It's only 7"x9" and it is all I need. Never have liked a big purse!

EDITED TO ADD: It is actually 8"x9". I forgot that I added an inch to the width. I would have to jam my cellphone in the back outside pocket, on my previous bags, so I wanted to see if it would be better this time. Just don't want my phone to fall out!! Will keep you posted!

I also love making zipper pulls.

Sorry for the poor picture quality. It has brown beads and blue heart shaped beads.

I also had my 16 year old Grand niece here for 3 days. I have been teaching her to sew. She is making her 2nd dress and is really doing a great job. She is not interested in quilting................yet!!!

I am sorry to see TEAL come to an end, but am looking forward to a new color. Stop by SoScrappy to see what other TEAL blocks were made this week.

Linking to SoScrappy.


.............Sew till next time................


Saturday, June 18, 2016

I'm Back With Teal Blocks!

I really didn't intend on being away for so long. I was trying to get caught up on projects that I really couldn't share till now! I won't share all the projects today because this post might turn into a book!!

I can finally show you the graduation gift that I made for my grand nephew at the request of his dad! He gave me one t-shirt that I could "make something with". It has special meaning to the both of them. I had been wondering what to make for him, so this made things a lot easier!! I found this great "sport newspaper" fabric and put my thinking cap on. I think the label says it all!

50 was his jersey number. The name Texas Star came to me when I finished quilting the center panel. The quilt does lay flat, I just had it folded for awhile before I took the pics!


This was the first time I used longarm rulers and I think I am hooked! I did a simple straight stitch pattern.


I also made a pair of earrings for my grand neice's 16th birthday.

Of course, it has to have a pretty box to go in!

Okay, now for the teal blocks! I LOVE teal but was very surprised that I didn't have a lot of it in my stash or scraps. I will have to remedy that when we are on our 3 week driving trip coming up soon!!

I always start off the month cutting a 5 1/8" strip from some of my fat quarters and some yardage fabrics. I use those strips to make the Jacob's Ladder, Pinwheel, Centennial and Flower blocks. I use my selvedges to make the String and That Thirties Thing blocks.

I did things a little different this month. I decided to cut out all my blocks first, then sew them up when I had the time. To me cutting is the the worst part of the quilting process. So this worked out really well for me. So here are my blocks ready to go! (That space is usually where my Pfaff is, but it was still in the shop! But it's home now and is being put to work again!)

Since I started the Jacobs Ladder Blocks in April, I was trying to play catch up. With these brown blocks added, I am all caught up.

I LOVE these teal blocks. I can't wait to see this quilt come together.

Here are the Pinwheels. Did I mention that I LOVE teal?
The Centennial Stars in their TEAL glory!! I still have to trim the dog ears off and remove the papers before putting them away.

I hope you are all enjoying this RSC (Rainbow Scrap Challenge) color of the month as much as I am. If you want to see more TEAL blocks be sure to check out SoScrappy to see what Angela and all the other Quilter's have been sewing up.

............Sew till next time............

Friday, May 20, 2016

Another Week of Green

I had a lot of sewing planned out for this week. Got it all done except for a graduation gift, which I need for tomorrow, that will not get done in time. I knew the timing was off on my Pfaff, but trying to go thru 5 layers of fabric, 5 layers of interfacing, a layer of batting AND 2 layers of Timtex really did a job on the timing!!! I will have to put that project on hold until I can get this machine serviced. I have plenty of other machines that I could use, but the "throats" aren't big enough to handle the bundle of STIFFNESS that I am working on! I just hope I can find someone local and not have to go 2 hrs away to Houston to get it serviced. I will check with my local quilt shop on Tuesday.

Anyway, I did get 10 green blocks done this week. I made 6 pinwheel blocks. I was only supposed to make 5, but 6 does make a better picture!!

Then I got busy making 4 That Thirties Thing blocks.

I have 3 tubs of green selvedges -- light, medium and dark. I only took out the medium tub to make these. I also started making my Scrappy String blocks today and will use the same tub. Maybe when I finish those 12 blocks, it will show a dent in that bin! Those selvedges and strings just seem to multiple instead of disappearing!

One more green project this week. I love making these little bags. I also make the zippers pulls. It's fast to whip them out and they make a great gift.


Hope you head on over to SoScrappy to see other GREEN blocks made this week.

...............Sew till next time.............


Saturday, May 14, 2016

I'm Back and getting into the Green Groove!

What a great time we had in Estes Park! It snowed for 3 days and we were in awe of the beautiful scenery! We had a day trip planned every day, so we were able to see the mountains in their 'snowy' glory every day.

This was such a treat for us since we only get snow every 12-15 YEARS, if we are lucky!!
This is my brother's backyard, with Estes Park in the background. His property sits up on a hill overlooking the town and in the other directions we can see the famous Stanley Hotel!
I guess people here are so tired of the snow that just any snowman will do!! LOL! This was the only snowman we saw on our entire trip!!

My SIL and I went to the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum in Golden. They had just ended the Men's Quilt Exhibition the week before, but we got to see Australia Uncovered. It wasn't quite what I expected, but it was very interesting. And our tour guide, Steve, was a hoot!!

Well, I did manage to get 16 GREEN blocks done this week!

It is easy peasy to get these Jabob's Ladder blocks done every month since the 4-patches are all done and waiting! I have also precut the background, just to make sure I had enough of this fabric for the whole quilt!

I also made 10 green Centennial Stars. I always try to make 5 with dark centers and 5 with light centers.

Well, that's pretty much it for this week. I did also finish the graduation project that I was working on, so now I can move on to my other projects that are planned for the month.

Please stop by SoScrappy to see what other GREEN blocks were made this week.

..............Sew till next time..................

Saturday, April 23, 2016

A Little More Orange

Well, it was a week filled with everything except too little sewing! We are going on a 2 week road trip to Estes Park, CO, so most of my week was taken up with getting ready for that adventure! We were there last year for the Fourth of July and have been looking forward to going back since then! I can't wait to see all the snow on the mountains! It will be a big change going from 80 degrees to the 30`s and 40's!!

I did manage to get my 5 "That 30's Thing" blocks done. I really like how these turned out.

I will not have a chance to make my Flower blocks for this month, but hope to get back on track in May. It's really to early in the year to start falling behind!!

I'm off to see what others have done this week. Stop by SoScrappy and take a look.

..............Sew till next time............