Wednesday, July 1, 2015

First day of 'Family' vacation

We are on our way to Estes Park, Colorado to spend a week with my 2 brothers, sister in law, daughter and son in law. Looking forward to spending time with them all.

Our day started off nice. Beautiful weather, not too hot. Enjoyed all the Crepe Myrtles along the interstate. That truck on the right looks like a Texas flag!

Wait, shouldn't that be a yellow rose?

And who can pass up Buc-ee's? Not me!! For those of you that have never been to this place, you are missing out on one heck of a shopping experience! It is the ultimate Gas Station. But most of the time we don't need gas, but we HAVE to stop! They have everything including the best restrooms in Texas!! It was hard to walk out of there without my usual Sausage on a Stick and their homemade Chips!!

Then a couple of miles down the road we were at a stop and crawl for 2 hrs because of this. Hope no one was hurt.

We are hoping for a better day tomorrow. till next time.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Blogsy Test

Trying out Blogsy for the first time. I really need something that will inspire me to get back into blogging! Hopefully this will!

Now to post a random pic!

This is the "Runaround" bag from Lazy Girl Designs. I have made quite a few of these bags. I love the size! The only thing I do differently from the pattern is "squaring" up the bottom so the bag will stand up on it's own instead of laying flat. This is a surprise for someone special!

And here is the matching wallet. Every small purse needs a small wallet!! This is the 'Wonder Wallet' from Lazy Girl. I have made a ton of these!! So easy to make and it even holds coins!

I love this Australian fabric. Bought it in Oregon last year and found the perfect batik in my stash to go with it! till next time!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

First post of the New Year

Really?  We're already going into the 3rd week of the New Year?  Where is the time going?  I really hope to blog more this year. Of course, I probably say that every year!

I am linking this post to Connie's Linky Tuesday.  Connie always has a project in progress and it's inspiring to see what she and other quilters have been up to in the past week.

I have been busy sewing. (I have even finished 2 spools of thread!). Every year on Black Friday, Bonnie Hunter (the Queen of Scrappy Quilts) treats all of her loyal subjects (her scrappy followers) to a free Mystery Quilt Pattern. Every week she post a lesson and within 5-6 weeks (if we keep up) we have a quilt top!  It is a lot of fun to watch the pieces all go together.   This year, I decided to go with my own colors and NOT make it scrappy. I am sew happy with the outcome.  I stitched the whole quilt on "Peachy", my 1950 black Featherweight. She did a great job!
She even added the borders!  What a workhorse!  I will need to treat her to a "spa" day with lots of oil and grease and a new needle!!
Next up, was the pressing. I LOVE my new pressing surface!

That's a lot of pressing to do. Took me over 2 hours!  I do press all my seams when I sew, but I wanted to do a final press after the top was completely finished so I could hang it on my new Quilt Rack that my son in law made for me. It is made with Purple Heart, my favorite wood!  Beautiful purple color!  This pic was taken at Christmas when he installed it for me. 
Here is the completed top. It will be on the quilt rack waiting to be quilted, hopefully this year!

....Sew till next time.......

Friday, September 26, 2014

Well, DUH........

I forgot to take and post pics of the WHOLE room!
So here it is with a few add ons in place. No new window yet, but wait, it's coming soon!
I had forgotten to say that along with the Billy units we did get the extensions, so that adds another shelf all around!  Definitely needed that. They are all full!!

This is looking straight in!  I have plenty of room to walk around the back and that is where I iron from. All my irons are stored on a shelf behind the table.

So there you have it. The complete room!

....Sew till next time............

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

WITHOUT FURTHER ADO........... is my new "quilt studio"!  It has been a long process getting it all put together, but I absolutely love it!!  I've even had a little time to sew!
Follow me thru these doors. Watch your step!  Remember to step down!
As you come in, you will see my HQ Sixteen. Next, my mom's last machine she used (a Kenmore in the cabinet) and if you look real hard, you can see my 2 featherweights!  I use "Peachy", the black one, all the time, but I haven't used the "celery" one yet. Got her on eBay right before we moved. 
Then you see the start of my wall of fabrics!  I am so in love with this!  I started with 15” and 30” wide Billy bookcases from IKEA and added the Billy CD cabinets to store my fat quarters. 

Here is the closeup!  Just sew you know ---- I bought 1,000 comic boards and I used all but 45!!!  I love the look and am so glad I took the time to do this.  My fabric was already folded the right way, I just had to fold them onto the boards. 

The top shelves are "seasonal" fabric. I have a big section of batiks, and smaller sections of oriental, solids, hand dyes and Aunt Grace. All the other fabrics are just color coded.  

The bottom shelf on the "CD" cabinet holds my phone books that I use for paper piecing.  Thanks, Bonnie Hunter!

This section has changed a bit since I took the pic.  I added 2 more drawer bins on the bottom shelf ( and have them full already) and I have 6 pattern boxes on the top shelves. 

Have to have a laptop!  I am not putting a TV in the room. I found that I wasn't watching it before, so why take up the room. I listen to Pandora a lot and always have a book downloaded to listen to .  I am hoping these windows will be history by the end of October. Gonna order a new window this week!!

And now you have come full circle around the room. Did you notice that I don't have a closet?  Hence all the open shelving. 

Here is the cutting and ironing center in the middle of the room.  Things have changed a little here too.  I now have black drawer units up to the cutting table. No empty spaces!!  And yes, that is a Singer 301 hiding under the table!

In case you are wondering, the room measures 11'x11'!!!  I think I did pretty good making use of EVERY square inch!!
I hope you enjoyed the tour.  Come back anytime!!!
I'll be posting at (sorry Blogger won't let me add the link). 

..............Sew till next time..........