Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Memory Quilts Finished And Given

We have 3 great nieces that lost their dad a few years ago when he lost his short battle with cancer. Their mom asked if I would make them each a quilt from their Dad's shirts and pants. I was so honored to be asked to do this, so I started my journey with Caitlyn's Memory quilt. As you can see her favorite color is PURPLE, so that's where I started. Each quilt had their favorite color, a special block, and t-shirts. I used their dads khaki pants for the backgounds in each block. Rohn, their dad loved to sail, so I found a free quilting template of a sail boat and quilted that on some of the t-shirt blocks. I also used sections of the shirts that were "paint stained" to make some of the blocks. After all, it is a memory quilt!

Memory Quilt

This is the whole quilt.

The yellow block has the quilted sailboat.

Backing and quilt label

Ready to be gifted.

I like she likes it!
One down, 2 more to show. I promise to be back soon!