Monday, January 26, 2009

Mardi Gras Quilt Backing

I didn't have enough fabric to make a solid backing, nor did I really want a solid backing for this quilt, sooooooooo this is what I came up with.

The good thing about it is, that it's ALL from my stash. That is quite an accomplishment in itself, as all you other quilters can attest to! I'm really trying to not buy too much fabric this year and use what I have. Now pay attention, I said I'm trying, I'm not promising! LOL!

Friday, January 23, 2009


For those of you that don't talk "quilt" UFO stands for UnFinished Object! I'm so glad this is done. I decided to make the binding random colors used in the quilt and I think it added a little zing to the quilt. As you can see the baby was born last July so I needed to get this done and to him before he is a teenager!
I made the label in EQ-6 and printed it on a printable fabric sheet. It's a quick and easy way to make a label.

Friday, January 16, 2009

January Birthday Blocks

Ok, I know, I should be working on my UFO's, but I still have an obligation to get these done in a timely manner!! So, for Miss January (G-3, aka-Bonnie), this is your "woodsey" block. I hope it meets with your approval. I couldn't believe I found the perfect block in one of my quilt books. Of course, whoever has seen my sewing room knows, that I SHOULD find the perfect pattern with all the books that I have! LOL!And here's a close up. I've been appliqueing for awhile, but on the last couple of projects I have done, I've been using the "no template" method. I really like it.

And now for Miss January, part 2, this is for Laurie. She wanted a traditional block with Civil War repros. That is one line of fabric that I do not collect, so when I was lucky enough to be in Paducah, Ky this summer, I found a few at Hancock's of Paducah. I hope you like it Laurie and that is what you had in mind. Oh, btw, the pattern is from EQ-6 and is called "Old Scraps Patchwork".

Saturday, January 3, 2009


I scanned pics of all the blocks that I made for the 2007 Birthday Block Swap into EQ and made a label to go on the back of Lea's Mardi Gras Quilt. It looks kinda washed out here because I had to scan the label. Came out very good, if I say so myself. (Don't worry, I won't break my arm, patting myself on my back!LOL!)

Thursday, January 1, 2009


First of all, I want to wish you ALL a year of good health, happines in whatever you do, and peace. I hope you have a wonderful year filled with new experiences. And with a faith in God and faith in yourself, may you be able to handle whatever challenges are brought your way. Love and best wishes to you all.

I did start this blog to keep myself focused on the things I want to make and to have a journal of my journey. So I guess there is no better time to do that, than on January 1st of a New Year!

The first thing I HAVE to get done, is to finish quilting and bind this quilt. (by the end of January)

It is a baby quilt for Joshua and Yvette's son who was born in July 2008! I do have a year to give them a gift, right!?!? Well, I also owe them a wedding quilt, that I haven't even started, but we won't go there right now! I want to think positive, at least for the first day of the year! LOL! BTW, if anyone is interested, the animal quilt was a free pattern put out by It's a wonderful site.

My next goal is to have this quilt completely finished by the time we go to Oregon for Lea's spring break.
I received these blocks from the Birthday Block Swap. The swap runs for a year and you only make one block a month for the "birthday girl", and when it is your month to receive, you get 11 blocks of whatever theme you requested. As you all can see, my theme was "Mardi Gras". I imported the blocks into EQ-6 and came up with this layout. (I plan to put all the blocks I made for everyone else into EQ and come up with a mini quilt for the label.) Lea will have it for her "Mardi Gras" themed spare bedroom / scrapbooking room!

My third project to complete will be this quilt for Camille! It is all batiks and was truly a labor of love. I really enjoyed making this top. It's all hand appliqued, but I will be quilting it by machine. I am giving myself an April deadline!

While I'm doing those, I will have other projects that I will be working on. Last year, on the Today Show, there was a segment about organizing and the guest said "no one who does crafts should have more than 2 projects going at the same time!" WWWWWWWWWhat!!!! She surely doesn't quilt or scrapbook!!! LOL!

Till next time..................