Thursday, January 1, 2009


First of all, I want to wish you ALL a year of good health, happines in whatever you do, and peace. I hope you have a wonderful year filled with new experiences. And with a faith in God and faith in yourself, may you be able to handle whatever challenges are brought your way. Love and best wishes to you all.

I did start this blog to keep myself focused on the things I want to make and to have a journal of my journey. So I guess there is no better time to do that, than on January 1st of a New Year!

The first thing I HAVE to get done, is to finish quilting and bind this quilt. (by the end of January)

It is a baby quilt for Joshua and Yvette's son who was born in July 2008! I do have a year to give them a gift, right!?!? Well, I also owe them a wedding quilt, that I haven't even started, but we won't go there right now! I want to think positive, at least for the first day of the year! LOL! BTW, if anyone is interested, the animal quilt was a free pattern put out by It's a wonderful site.

My next goal is to have this quilt completely finished by the time we go to Oregon for Lea's spring break.
I received these blocks from the Birthday Block Swap. The swap runs for a year and you only make one block a month for the "birthday girl", and when it is your month to receive, you get 11 blocks of whatever theme you requested. As you all can see, my theme was "Mardi Gras". I imported the blocks into EQ-6 and came up with this layout. (I plan to put all the blocks I made for everyone else into EQ and come up with a mini quilt for the label.) Lea will have it for her "Mardi Gras" themed spare bedroom / scrapbooking room!

My third project to complete will be this quilt for Camille! It is all batiks and was truly a labor of love. I really enjoyed making this top. It's all hand appliqued, but I will be quilting it by machine. I am giving myself an April deadline!

While I'm doing those, I will have other projects that I will be working on. Last year, on the Today Show, there was a segment about organizing and the guest said "no one who does crafts should have more than 2 projects going at the same time!" WWWWWWWWWhat!!!! She surely doesn't quilt or scrapbook!!! LOL!

Till next time..................

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MargaretH said...

I love this heart quilt. Did you follow a pattern. I found this picture posted on pinterest and fell in love with it and want to make for my grand daughter, she loves hearts. I could try and wing it but I am much better with a pattern and instructions. If there is a pattern, would you share name and where I might purchase it.
Again, this is one gorgeous quilt and very nicely done