Monday, July 14, 2014

We Moved, But........

I still don't have my "studio" set up yet!  Actually most of the stuff that is in the room, will not STAY in the room!  Boxes got dumped in there when the guys were just trying to empty the truck as fast as possible since it was past midnight!!  Glad I wasn't here, I was back in New Orleans cleaning up the "old" house for the new owners. 
My studio will be in what was the "formal" living room. It is a step down from the rest of the house, so I had the contractor build me a little step so I wouldn't fall into the room!!  It was also opened to the foyer, so he closed it in and I found these great doors at Home Depot (I think!)

They are the doors on the left. The other door is the front door. I also had these great Fleur de lis knobs that I found ages ago at Hobby Lobby that work great.  The odd lighting that you see from the doors comes from the gold window glass (so 70's) that is in the room. Needless to say, those WILL be replaced ASAP with one big window instead of 3 narrow ones. Anyhoo, I love the new doors!

Can't believe I am actually posting this, but I wanted a record of "before and after"!!  The machines are staying where they are now and the rest of the walls will be Billy bookcases from IKEA.  I had to really work at the placement of machines to make sure I could get as many bookcases as I could fit in the room because there is no closet :-((. 
This is the other side of the room with the window that will soon be replaced!  This desk and sewing cabinet will stay there. At the time I took this pic there were no lights in the room!!!  I guess in the '70’s, a formal living room was only meant to have lamps, not overhead lighting!!!  BUT, as of last Saturday, I have 4 "pot" lights!!!  Will see if I need more later. 
So that's all for now.....