Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Making Quilt Labels

I needed to make 4 labels today for 4 quilts that I am working on. Actually, I have 2 completed and ready for their label, one is almost finished, and one I haven't started yet, but hope to by tomorrow.
I made the labels using borders and fonts found in my American Greetings program. I ironed freezer paper sheets onto white fabric, cut the fabric the same size as the paper sheets and ran them thru my inkjet printer. I will let the ink dry for a couple of hours, then peel the fabric off the sheets and press with a dry, HOT iron to set the colors. Sorry, I don't have pics of the process, only this one after the printing was done.

......and voila, 4 labels ready to be cut and used!

Sew til next time........

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