Sunday, June 28, 2015

Blogsy Test

Trying out Blogsy for the first time. I really need something that will inspire me to get back into blogging! Hopefully this will!

Now to post a random pic!

This is the "Runaround" bag from Lazy Girl Designs. I have made quite a few of these bags. I love the size! The only thing I do differently from the pattern is "squaring" up the bottom so the bag will stand up on it's own instead of laying flat. This is a surprise for someone special!

And here is the matching wallet. Every small purse needs a small wallet!! This is the 'Wonder Wallet' from Lazy Girl. I have made a ton of these!! So easy to make and it even holds coins!

I love this Australian fabric. Bought it in Oregon last year and found the perfect batik in my stash to go with it! till next time!