Friday, June 11, 2010


I can't believe it! I started on Andre's Graduation quilt in Nov. '09 and here it is finished! It's a year late but when he graduted I didn't have a clue of what pattern to make for him ( I had been looking for a whole year and came up with nothing----guess I didn't have my THINKING cap on LOL!!). I just happened to see a quilt on
"Cold Feet Quilter's" site that she had just finished quilting for someone and BINGO! that was it!!! You can see her quilt here. Her letters were all machine embroidery, but I decided that I would needleturn APPLIQUE mine! I really didn't estimate how long it would take to applique 214 - 4" letters!! But I got thru it and I LOVE the result! It's a queen size quilt and I used the Bamboo Batting from JoAnn Fabrics. I've used it on the last 3 quilts I've made and I love it! So light and soft.

I almost hate to see this one go, but it will be leaving this weekend for Houston. I know it will have a good life!!
Oh, I almost forgot the label! I named the quilt "YOUR LIFE SO FAR".