Sunday, January 30, 2011


 I've had the blue border put on for a couple of days, but just didn't have the time to post til now.  It won't be quilted for another few months because I use the Sharon Schamber technique and I usually try to get a few quilts basted while I have the tables set up!!  Nothing like having 2 extra 6 foot tables in the middle of the living room. LOL!  I plan on making 2 more tops before I set up the tables.

I even have the binding all ready to go!  I had read some time ago,
that it's best to go ahead and make the binding as soon as you finish the top. 
THAT'S a VERY good idea!!  That way you (or I, in this case) won't use the fabric for anything else!  Ask me how I know! LOL!  Anyhoo, I made the binding with all the leftover batiks, just cut them to different sizes and sewed.  I can't wait to see this one finished!

Sew, til next time.....


Lealoo said...

Looks great Mom:-) Congrats on the prize, too!

happydaysquilting said...

Very colourful! what are your plans for the quilting?