Saturday, April 27, 2013

Quilt Back Tutorial using 4 1/2" fabric strips

I try to always find wide quilt backings on sale, but when I made Memory Quilt #3 I had no blue wide backing in my stash. Guess I had a "light bulb moment" at that point and realized that I had all the fabric I needed in my stash (since I had purchased a bunch to make this quilt!). I just had to put them all together. I've pieced backings before, just never like this. I loved how it turned out so decided to make another backing the same way.

So in case you're interested, here is a little tutorial........

I pulled out purples. All different, lights, darks, some prints, some tone-on-tone, batiks, etc. I cut them 4 1/2" wof ( width of fabric).

Put 2 strips together with a 45-degree angle, marked them, pinned them together and then added another strip to the other end and did this until all the strips were marked and pinned together.

Then brought the whole slew of strips to the machine and chain sewed all the strips.

Next, I cut off the excess and will keep those as bonus triangles!

Took the now continuous strip of fabric to the ironing board and pressed all the seams open.

Then I "accordion" folded the fabric to make it easier to measure and cut into the strips I needed for the width of my backing. Here it is with my bonus triangles.

Here are the strips ready to be sewn together on the long ends. Here is also a peek at 1/4 of my batik stash!

And here is the quilt back!

Sew till next time........

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Angie said...

Great idea for a quilt back - I must try this! Thanks for the tutorial.