Thursday, April 18, 2013

Memory quilt #2

I asked the 3 girls what their favorite color was before starting their memory quilts. As you could tell from the previous post, Caitlyn chose purple. Jillian's favorite is ORANGE. I was so surprised at how much orange fabric I had. I only bought one piece for this quilt, only because it screamed Jillian to me!

I did a lot of stitch in the ditch to secure everything because of the weight of the quilt.

Then I just did whatever came to mind. None of the quilting was planned except the "sailboat".
Besides the t-shirt blocks I made, I also chose a different block for each quilt to showcase their dads shirts and khaki pants.

The light colored fabric on the back is the only fabric I purchased for this quilt.

All wrapped up and ready to give.

I couldn't wait for them to come for their Spring Break so I could give it to them. I think she likes it too!
Memory Quilt #3 is coming up soon!

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