Monday, April 22, 2013

Memory Quilt #3

This the the third and final memory quilt I made for our great nieces who lost their dad a few years ago.
This is the only quilt that I had to buy a lot of fabric for. Zoe wanted her quilt light blue. Evidently I am not much of a light blue person - hence very little of it in my fabric stash. I bought more fat quarters than yardage so I could have more variety.

I used this block from Quilters Cache. When I started the process of making these Memory quilts, I divided up their dad's t-shirts to make sure I had a variety in each quilt. Then I decided on a different block to use on each quilt and everything after that was unplanned except for a "sailboat" stencil I had found on I just sewed and quilted whatever came to mind at that point. It was an emotional journey for me, so I really wanted it to be stress free! I am really proud of what I have done although it did take me longer than I had planned.

I will do a tutorial on my process for the backing in my next post. I love the movement it gives and I think this will become my new way to make backings. It's a lot cheaper than buying wide backings. I get to use my stash instead!

And here is Zoe with her new quilt!

Sew til next time..............

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