Thursday, December 20, 2012

Easy Street -- Part 4

Wow, this part took me all week, but at least it's done and I can stay on track!! I'm finding out real fast that I really don't like to do "flying geese". I guess next time I will try the "no waste" ones and see if they are any easier. I had to trim EVERY one of those darn things! But I think Bonnie said there would be no more geese. Please don't tell me I dreamt that!!!
And here they are on my design wall.

And here are the 145 - 3 1/2" lime green squares. I am really lovin' these colors. Can't wait to see where the green will go!

Now I will show you why it took me so long to get these done! I wanted to make this little apron for a Christmas gift.

It's a McCall's pattern. This the the monster and they also have a butterfly and lion all in the same pattern.

I haven't done satin stitching in years, so I'm really surprised at how good it came out (without practicing!)

And here is the back. I used what fabric I had and I didn't have enough of either fabric to make 2 ties, so I just made one from each fabric!

Sew til next time......

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Lealoo said...

Love the apron, Mom!!!