Friday, May 8, 2009


I've finished all of my May blocks!! WooHoo!! First is Janet's block. Easy-peasy! She wanted a 12" log cabin done is black and white with red center. She will be making a quilt for her 14 year old son. It's gonna be very striking!

Next is Debbie's "Dream Vacation". What would represent a dream vacation to us! That was so easy for me. My block is called Alaska! Now, for those who know me, know I have been there 3 times already, but when I dream of a vacation, I always want to go back there!! I am lucky enough to have a SIL and her family that live there. I envy their life there (but just in the summer months!!) Don't know if I could hack it in the winter! LOL!
And when I was making this block, all I could think of was "purple mountains majesty"--hence the purple mountain in the center! Deb-I'll write my story when I send the block.
Lastly, is my birdhouse for Connie. I had to add the cardinal because every night at 7:15 we have a pair of cardinals that come to our birdfeeder. You can set your watch to them. It is truely amazing! And now, if anyone is saying that I didn't put an eye on the bird, all I have to say is--you try appliqueing a circle that is less than 1/16 across, then we'll talk! LOL! Connie didn't want any embelishments, so if she decides it needs an eye, she can maybe add a small bead or button. (I actually like it the way it is!)

Now I need to get back to my April block for Jeri!!
Till next time.....

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