Friday, February 20, 2009

Visit to the Insectarium

Gary and I went to the Insectarium a couple of weekends ago in downtown New Orleans. I haven't been able to write about it because we didn't have computer access (darn bugs) for one week. Thanks again, Geek Squad!
The Insectarium has only been opened about 7-8 months. There really wasn't too much to see. Was very disappointed with the "Butterfly Garden". The plants looked like they were all dying and all the butterflies were either on the walls (about 20' high) or the windows :-( Hopefully as time goes by, the plants will start thriving and fill up the area, so the butterflies will be around the plants and not on the wall!!
There was a room that we both liked very much. They had different displays of bugs from different parts of the world. Most of the bugs were different beetles and some butterflies. I just loved the way they were displayed.

On one wall in another section, there were handpainted plaques that had the "New Orleans history of the ROACH"!! I know for alot of you, that sounds disgusting, but here, it is a way of life, no matter how clean your house is. you WILL see them in your lifetime if you live in the south!
So if you dare to look and read, here are some of the pics......

Now, that wasn't too bad, was it? Aren't you glad you looked! LOL!

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