Saturday, September 17, 2016

I'm Done With Red!

And that's a good thing! That means that I have made all my RED blocks for this month's RSC! All 40 blocks are done, done and DONE! Now I can concentrate on other projects that really need my attention.
I only had to make 2 flower blocks this month and they went fast. I'm hoping I didn't make a mistake when I put this list together at the beginning of the year, and I will have enough blocks for a complete top at the end of the year!! Some months I have had to make at least 4! I am intentionally adding the appliqué WITH the grain of the strings and ACROSS the grain of the strings. And I am also trying to mix up the darks and lights on the border of each block, so they will be a little different. I am loving how they are coming out. If you are interested, Connie at Freemotion by the River has a tutorial on this block. I think I should have separated them a bit before I took the pic!!
You can see my Sept. RSC list on the lower right corner and they are all checked off!
I only had to make 2 more Scrappy Strings this week and I must have made 3 instead! When I put them all together, I have 13 instead of the 12 I needed. Guess I actually made 41 blocks this month!!
Then I started on a Secret project and this is all I will show for now!
Cording with Downton Abbey fabric! This project may take awhile because I am still trying to find the needed hardware to finish it. I HATE waiting for something to ship, especially if I have to PAY for shipping, and I HATE paying for shipping, but there was no way around this one!! Believe me, I looked everywhere!!
I'm linking to SoScrappy, so please go over and take a look at the other RED blocks being made this month. Lots of eye candy!
Thanks for stopping by!
...............Sew till next time................


Sandra Walker said...

Ooh! Downton Abbey teaser...reminds me to do my planned quilt one of these days. Love those flower blocks from Connie (will check them out)!

katie z. said...

I love your blocks!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Deep RED Flower blocks, bright RED String blocks... love, Love, LOVE!!!

PaulaB quilts said...

The flower blocks look sweet with the red scraps, and the strip blocks are super, the whites just pop. Great going and good luck with your project. Waiting g is so annoying just when you are all set to go.

tubakk said...

Lovely blocks you've made. I love tose string blocks with the selvages. Have to try that sometime. Just now I've so much to do, that sewing isn't the priority. Will come back in October with some machine sewing.

Nell's Quilts said...

Such beautiful red blocks and so productive this month. Cording and hardware - a handbag perchance?

gayle said...

I really love those flower blocks! Just the right combination of piecework and appliqué!
And I'm always a fan of string blocks. Looking forward to your quilts!

Amira Ameruddin said...

Beautiful Red Blocks !! Someday I want to try more applique. always have a sweet spot for them just not yet time - too many to try and focus. I love the string blocks too!! keep seeing all this string block around -I think Bonnie Hunter is also working on amazing string blocks like yours excpet hers are blue..

Thank you for your visit over at my blog and leaving sweet comments, it made my day!

Quilty hugs,
Amira from

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