Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Trying to play catch-up!!

I was a bad blogger last year. I started AND finished so many projects and never wrote a word about them. So now, I will be playing catch-up!!

I'm sure many, or all, of you have heard about the Row By Row Experience that was going on last year, from June to Sept., nationwide and in Canada. I won't go into detail, but but you can check it out here. It was a lot of fun collecting row patterns and some kits. I went to a lot of shops and I wanted to support each and every one that I stopped in to. So if I bought the kit, I TRIED not to purchase anything else, but if I wanted just the pattern, I bought a couple of fat quarters and maybe a notion or 1 yd of fabric. Well, that was my thought process until I got into the shops!! I ended up with way more fabric than I planned!! I just wanted to help do my part in keeping them in business!!

Anyway, my daughter, the teacher (not a quilter) went into shops also and got some rows and kits for me to make for her!! She wanted each row made into a separate quilted wall hanging. I finished the first one in November!! It is a row from Portland, Oregon! You'll be able to read the info I put on the label. I started this while on a 3 week trip to Lancaster, PA. I brought "Peachy" with me and she was a hit with the hotels cleaning ladies!!

My 1950 Featherweight is in there, but I forgot to take a pic!!!
Starting bridge construction. I did hand appliqué.

Almost done! The trees are paper pieced.

It's all quilted and ready for the binding. I always bind my quilts by sewing the binding on the front side and then hand stitch to the back.

It's a finished wall hanging! This was made from a kit.

I made a strip pieced back with a corner label and hanging sleeve.

Here is a closeup of the label.

That's one row down and I didn't count how many to go!!! All the patterns and kits are in a 12"x12"x4" box. And it is full!! I do have 2 more almost finished and will be posting them when done.

Did you catch the Row by row fever last summer? If so, did you make a quilt from them? I would love to see yours!

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Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Peggy that is beautiful!! I can't wait to see what others you do.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Oh I like that one. I never got interested in the row by row, but, I do know lots about them. Looking forward to seeing more of what you did last year (and this year, too)

Jennifer Fulton Inquiring Quilter said...

I saw this on Linky Tuesday and said to myself, that's looks just like a Row by Row! Ha! Very cute pattern, and I'm sure you'll have fun with the rest. The patterns my friend and I collected were so cute. Have no idea what I'll do with them all.

Mari said...

Very nice! Most of the Row by Row were too short for me to do anything with, but this one makes a great wall hanging. I confess to making one RbR, a very colorful row that also became a wall hanging for my sister in law.

Karla Brown said...

WoW -- beautiful!!