Thursday, July 11, 2013

Baby Quilt Given Awhile Back

I made this baby quilt earlier this year and forgot to post it. So simple and fun to make.

I just did free motion straight line stitching.

I don't like to make the same quilt over and over, but I may be making more of these!

Sew till next time!

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Trepmom said...

Hi Peggy, I followed your comment from another blog. I was intrigued because although I'm from and in Florida, my husband is from Lafayette, La and his parents are from New Orleans. We hold dear all things Louisiana (especially the people :) Your quilts are fabulous! This one and the 3 memory quilts. The front, the back, the design, the quilting - just gorgeous all! I couldn't visit without leaving a message, so know someone was admiring your work and have a great day! Ronda